The IMBIL-Industry and Maintenance Pumps ITA Ltda. is a 100% Brazilian company, privately held since 1982 operates in the single and multistage centrifugal pumps, and is today at Rua Jacob Audi 690 in the city of Itapira / SP, in its own area of 120 000 m², being 23,500 m² of built area.




imbil Service

     Based in the city of Itapira, State of São Paulo, with facilities measuring 1200 m2, Imbil Service and Work Service is the corporate branch of IMBIl in the segment of Services in Equipment Refurbishing and Maintenance Management Agreement.
     With highly qualified professionals, proper equipment, duly calibrated instruments, and IMBIL’s infrastructure plant, operations of start-up, refurbishing, correction, prevention and prediction maintenance activities are performed in Brazil and abroad.
     As for Management Agreement activities, Imbil Service and Work Service (IS/WS) train, qualify and manage Resident Maintenance Teams, who are responsible for the maintenance and performance of the pumping equipment of the Plant.
     While managing contracts, IMBIL/IMBIL SERVICE implement, supervise and enable maintenance and performance crews. The teams are responsible for all the maintenance and performance of the pumping system equipment.
     This type of service is currently performed under seven agreements, among which is the sugar and alcohol Grupo São Martinho de Açúcar e Álcool - a partner since 1999. Other maintenance contracts managed by Imbil Service are Guaraní, Raizen, TONON, INFINITY BIO ENERGY, Bevap Factory, and other groups, where we are responsible for more than 4,000 pump sets.

     SANITATION - SAAE Guarulhos
     Predictive, preventive and corrective plan maintenance contract for moto-pump sets.

     STEEL – Usiminas

     Contract of specialized recovery services for centrifugal pumps (24 months) at the Cubatão and Ipatinga facilities.


     Maintenance contract for pumps such as VACUUM/WATER at the mines of CATA BRANCA, MUTUCA, PICO, FÁBRICA, CORREGO DO FEIJÃO and VARGEM GRANDE, DIFL region.   

     IMBIL SERVICE has an engineering department with expertise to support field services (installation, operation and maintenance). We are able to carry out reverse engineering for the nationalization of parts such as impellers, diffusers, volutes, caps etc., without restriction of brands or models.

     IMBIL SERVICE uses the latest software technology such as Solid Works, and a Mitutoyo machine which performs three-dimensional measurements, facilitating the development of parts and scanning - ROMER.

     We provide maintenance services for all types of pumps - small, medium and large. In the case of maintenance of large pumps, we execute the Renovation Project, which applies improvements that adapt the equipment to achieve its best performance.

     For more information, contact João Leonardo Biazoto through email:  or
            CSR: (55) 0800-148500


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